Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Prickly bricks

Prickly Bricks
Or, I think that's what there called, Hell if I know. I played with these in preschool.
I always wanted to make a castle, but the school didn't have enough of them, or the
other preschoolers would never cough up there own. There were so many ways you 
could stick them together. Oh, preschool.


  1. omg I totally remember those. They were never quite so painful to step on as Lego bricks.

    These things were just fun. You'd be more likely to end up with a strange shape than a building or anything like that. Lego was the way to go really =P

  2. Oh yeah, I remember these. I don't think I had them, though. I really like the aesthetics of them even now.

  3. Are you looking back into my childhood or something? O.o